Biome Adventure
Mrs. L. Fitzgerald
Ms. DeSimone
Ms. K. Molloy

7th Grade Science

A distinct ecological community of plants and animals living together in a particular climate is called a "biome."

Using the following websites to gather information, Students will create an ecotourism advertisement to persuade travelers to visit their biome of choice.

Biomes of the World

PBS: Sahara

World's Biomes

Tundra WebCam


Live from the Rainforest

Rainforest Fact Sheets What is a BIOME?
Grassland Explorer The Everglades
Woodland Explorer Taiga Biome
Biome Basics Virtual Pond Dip

 Other Biome Research Links
Blue Planet biomes (Land biomes)
World Biomes (Aquatic, Deserts, Forests, Grasslands, Tundra)
Earth Floor (Land Biomes)
Gulf of Maine Aquarium
Sea World Coral and Reefs
Factmonster (Land biomes)
Land and Ocean Habitats and Biomes
How Can We Protect Biodiversity?
Antarctic Biome
Biome Basics (Land and ocean biomes)
Introduction to Biomes (Land and Aquatic biomes)
Cool Antarctica
Alaska's Boreal Forest (Taiga/Boreal forest biome)
Welcome to Antarctica!
The Arctic
PBS Rainforest (Rainforest)
Hot Vents
Ocean in Motion (Ocean biomes)
Voyage to the Deep
Franklin Institute (Megasite covering biomes, habitats, cycles, etc.)
Ocean Adventure
Zoom School Biomes-Habitats (Land and water biomes)
Into the Abyss
WWF Global 200 (All biomes)
Virtual Tour of a Hydrothermal Vent
MBG Biomes of the World (Most land, Freshwater, Marine)
Gallagher Middle School-Biomes of the World
The World's Biomes (Aquatic, Deserts, Forests, Grasslands, Tundra)

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updated November 2004