Mrs. Hunt
7th Grade Spanish

Assignment:  You have been chosen to work for a student travel agency and are on assignment to research a Spanish speaking country. Once the information below is obtained you will create a PowerPoint presentation of at least five slides (no more than 10) and share the information gathered with your co-workers (en espanol!)

Each presentation must include the following:

***You must include pictures on each slide!!***

Day 1:  Search to find the above information

Day 2:  Create PowerPoint Presentation

Day 3:  Finish PowerPoint presentation and practice speaking

Day 4:  Present to class

Internet Resources

This site has links to all of the Spanish-speaking countries!

  Spanish Speaking Countries

Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

Country Finder

Click on the letter of the alphabet that your country's name starts with.  It will give you the information you need!

graphic from http://www.math.toronto.edu/~drorbn/People/Eldar/thesis/images/globe.jpg