Mrs. Dasti 

The Gifted Reach Out Program

The Gifted Reach Out (GRO) program focuses on nurturing and supporting the unique gifts and talents of our highly capable students. GRO is designed as an enrichment program to encourage independent learning and to stimulate creative problem solving and critical thinking.

Students are exposed to new subjects with the intent to broaden their interests and enhance their present grade level core curriculum.

Students considered eligible for the GRO program are evaluated in June by formal assessments as well as parent and teacher questionnaires. First graders and students new to the district may be tested in December. Students who were previously in a gifted and talented program in another district are assessed upon entry into our district using our measurements prior to their admission to GRO.

  The GRO program provides enrichment for students who have demonstrated high capabilities.  The work is represented above grade level and is rigorous.  Children are expected to fulfill their regular classroom and GRO proficiencies during the year. 


Please be sure to visit our PGT (Parents of Gifted) website for useful information.