Mr. Jeffrey Bourlier 

The Gifted Reach Out Program

The Gifted Reach Out (GRO) program focuses on nurturing and supporting the unique gifts and talents of our highly capable students. GRO is designed as an enrichment program to encourage independent learning and to stimulate creative problem solving and critical thinking.

Students are exposed to new subjects with the intent to broaden their interests and enhance their present grade level core curriculum.

Students considered eligible for the GRO program are evaluated in June by formal assessments as well as parent and teacher questionnaires. First graders and students new to the district may be tested in December. Students who were previously in a gifted and talented program in another district are assessed upon entry into our district using our measurements prior to their admission to GRO.

Fall GRO Units - 2013

Second Grade
Medieval Times


Did you know the game of chess is over 500 years old, and the rules we use today were created during Medieval Times?  Second grade GRO students began the unit by learning to play chess and relating the pieces to life during Medieval Times. 

Later in the unit, students will learn about major events and people during Medieval Times, the feudal system, and even present and argument as to whether or not they would have wanted to become a knight!

Third Grade


Third grade GRO students will explore architecture from around the world and discuss ways the environment has an impact on buildings and the people who design them. 

Students will explore building materials, design, and “green” architecture.  Through drawings, writings, and technology, third graders will apply this knowledge to recreate famous buildings around the world and even create plans for their own creative buildings.

4th Grade

William Shakespeare’s life and works continues to have an impact on people around the world to this day.  In fourth grade, GRO students will research information on Shakespeare to create their own biography on his life. 

Students will also explore his plays and sonnets, explore their meaning, and understand why these timeless writings continue to amaze and influence people today.  The unit will culminate with fourth graders studying production of a play, and perform a version of a Shakespeare play.


5th Grade 

How do we know about people and cultures from long ago?  Fifth grade GRO students are exploring this question by thinking about what clues people leave behind. 

Students will research the roles of archaeologists and the information they have found about ancient cultures.  Students will even have an opportunity to research and present information about an ancient culture, and create a language, art, and lifestyle for their own imaginary culture.


  The GRO program provides enrichment for students who have demonstrated high capabilities.  The work is represented above grade level and is rigorous.  Children are expected to fulfill their regular classroom and GRO proficiencies during the year. 


Please be sure to visit our PGT (Parents of Gifted) website for useful information.