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Internet History Sourcebooks Project The Internet History Sourcebooks are collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented or educational use. Sourcebooks cover ancient, medieval and modern history, and include a wide range of primary source materials. Other source books include ones on Africa, Asia, India, Islam, Jewish culture, women's studies, and science.
History Channel  Search the History Channel's web site for historical information.
History of the World The HyperHistory Online project provides information on almost 3,000 years of world history. View history synchro-topically and search for people, events, history, maps. People and events are coded according to science, technology, economy culture, philosophy, etc. Excellent links to other quality sites.

Ancient World

Perseus Perseus is a continually growing digital library of resources of the ancient world including ancient texts and translations, maps, art catalogs and secondary essays. Features are its extensive collection and search engine. Lots of primary source material.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece   A great site that offers in-depth coverage on ancient Greece. Each page presents information about a different aspect of Greek life. Pages include art & architecture, geography, history, Olympics, wars, mythology, people, and other resources.
Ancient Greece   This site has pages on language, people, cities, sports, myths and wars.
The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization   This site introduces students to Ancient Greece through its social and artistic innovations and information on how it became one of the greatest civilizations in history.  From PBS.

Ancient Rome

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World   This site is an annotated photo album of Roman towns and monuments. Also linked are several complete texts both in Latin and English, pages on Roman roads, information on pagan and Christian Rome, and a Roman Atlas.
The Roman Empire.   The heart of this enormous site is in the ten chapters and the interactive maps detailing this history of Rome from pre-Roman times to the final invasion by the Visigoths.


The Labyrinth Project/Resources for Medieval Studies  The Labyrinth provides free, organized access to electronic resources in medieval studies through a World Wide Web server at Georgetown University. The Labyrinth provides connections to databases, services, texts, and images on servers around the world. Special topics include: Arthurian Studies, Heraldry, Arms, Medieval Women, Chivalry and more.
The Medieval Sourcebook


The Victorian Web  This is an extensive website of essays on the Victorian period. Contributions cover the areas of Victorianism, literature, political and social context, economics, religion, philosophy, science and technology and the arts. This is a huge site with great organization and richness.

World War I

WWI Trenches on the Web   Search this site for information about people, events, places, crafts, artillery, maps, photos, audio files about World War 1.


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum  Get information about current exhibits and other topics relating to Holocaust history. Site includes extensive library and teacher resources and family history searching.
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