Students are to be encouraged to participate in decision making. Any council, to be legitimately functional, must include all segments within the school and those of the community. This arrangement of students, faculty, parents and administration clearly signifies a cooperative approach to problem solving.


Each class governs its own school function under an organization entitled "Steering Committee." The place for active class participation is in the Class Steering Committee. Members serve on a voluntary basis. The steering committee is a liaison group that makes decisions and helps to implement them.

Students having suggestions or problems that come under the jurisdiction of the Class Steering Committee must present their concerns in person. Meetings often take place before of after school.

School activities which encompass all classes in the building are handled under the "Student Council." This organization is made up of students, teachers, administrators and parents. Four students from each class are selected to attend this group. The Student Council functions in the same manner as the Steering Committee. Students having dual roles as representatives to each ruling group are able to keep class functions from conflicting and are able to keep their own classes abreast of other school matters. Students who would like to participate in student government or would like more information should contact the advisor to the Student Council.

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