Welcome to the Language Arts Department at Parsippany Hills High School.
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The language arts department has 16 full time staff members.
Below is a listing of faculty names, room number and phone extensions. Locate teacher on Staff List for email address.

Albano, D 3-07 By appointment
Brosnan, J D-46 M-F By appointment
Brown, C D-31 Tu/Th/Fri 2:16-2:35 PM
Engh, D D-41 M-F By appointment
Gilcher, M D-14 M-F 2:16 - 3:00 PM by appt
Herzenberg, M D-14 M-F 2:16-2:45 PM 
Kadar, W D-53 M-Th By appointment
Massa, K - Lead Teacher N-10 M-Th 2:16-2:45 PM
Mensing, L D-55 T,Th 2:16-2:45 PM
O’Connell, K D-14 M, T, W 2:16 – 2:45 PM and by appt
Polizzio, A D-30 M-F 2:16-2:45
Puso, L D-57 Tu, W, Th 2:16 -2:35 PM
Rath, K D-12 M-F By appointment
Russell, M D-57 M, W, F 2:16 – 2:45 PM
Salerno, A D-59 W, Th 2:16 - 2:45 or by appt
Sierchio, M D-57 T,W,Th 2:16 - 2:35 or by appt
Sohan, E D-44 M-Th 2:16 -2:35 PM
Zepka, K D-48 T-Th 2:16 -3:00 PM

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