Staff Recognition/DF

The Board has established an annual recognition for those members of our staff who will have been employed in the district for twenty-five plus years by June 30, 2017, or upon retirement.

Listed below are the names of the staff members who will be recognized at an upcoming Board of Education Meeting.

Gail Beck
Marilyn Brock
Nancy Goeller
Shilpa Mehta
Orlando Sepulveda
Robert Yates

Distinguished Faculty Award – Elementary 2015-2016
Donna Martino-Lake Parsippany School

“She has been an educator in the fullest sense of the word to hundreds of students, instilling confidence, determination, and an educational foundation upon which many amazing lives have been built”

“Devotes considerable time and energy to improving her teaching, evaluating the outcomes of her teaching practices, and improving student engagement”

“Shows strong leadership qualities and shares her knowledge while inspiring others to go above and beyond their normal duties”

“She has been an incredible example and mentor to her fellow colleagues” These are only a few of the many positive quotes shared by colleagues when describing this year’s recipient of the Elementary Distinguished Faculty Award, Mrs. Donna Martino, Basic Skills Math Teacher at Lake Parsippany School.

Donna always puts students first in every way possible. In the classroom, she strives to reach every student and to teach them in the most effective and engaging way. This includes tailoring lessons to meet not only their needs but their interests as well. To this end, she has collaborated with her colleagues to successfully plan and deliver math lessons centered around reading, science, and social studies. Donna possesses the elusive ability to break down skills and concepts so that any student can understand and apply them. Students not only understand the work, they have fun doing it.

Donna demonstrates a strong ability to collaborate with her colleagues overall. She serves as part of a school improvement panel and takes great pride in doing so. Additionally, she works and collaborates closely with her district colleagues, supervisor, and building principal as she embraces math initiatives and communicates them well to the staff. Her efforts in doing so are greatly appreciated as they add to the positive school environment, professional development, and overall school improvement. The culmination of her efforts lies within the performance, learning, and growth of her students.

Her professionalism, generosity, and kindness have garnered her the respect and admiration of her peers. She is always willing to share ideas while recognizing the work and efforts of her peers. Her pride in being a team player and educator, and her dedication to student achievement provide the basis for her recognition with this prestigious award.

Distinguished Faculty Award – Secondary 2015-2016 
David Sabella - Parsippany High School

This faculty member has the rare gift of being able to reach students of all different ability levels and backgrounds. He possesses a strong content knowledge and the ability to communicate mathematical concepts so that anyone can understand them. Teaching “bell-to-bell,” as we say, he maximizes instructional time through the effective use of transitions. A skilled assessor who can pinpoint where breakdowns are occurring for students, there is rarely a duty or free period or lunch when he isn’t sitting next to a student, helping them increase their knowledge and skills. He believes in his students and expects them to believe in themselves. In this vein, he enthusiastically challenges his students: succeed, organize, think, care, solve, grow. This year’s winner of the Distinguished Faculty Award at the secondary level is Parsippany High School mathematics teacher, David Sabella.

While Dave’s lessons are engaging and efficient, challenging to motivated students and accessible to struggling ones, Dave’s investment extends beyond the classroom. He is the advisor for the Parsippany High School Indian Cultural Club and the coach for the Math Team. In these roles he has helped to facilitate dances, shows and game nights to help raise funds and to provide positive social interaction. His PHS Math Teams have finished as high as 2nd in the county and 18th in the state. Additionally, one of his students has completed multiple seasons with perfect scores. This year, in response to a small number of seniors who did not take or pass the PARCC, he offered to provide weekly tutoring to help prepare them for the ASVAB, an alternative graduation assessment. This was done during his free period.

Dave has always impressed everyone with his humility and sense of calm. He is soft-spoken and unassuming, yet not afraid to speak his mind. Needless to say, when he speaks up, people listen. His insight and thoughtfulness carry weight among the staff and have earned him respect among his peers. More than anything, he is an invested individual: in his students, in his growth as a teacher, in Parsippany High School.