Northvail Students Earn Blue Ribbons This Summer!

Northvail Students Earn 5,707 Study Island™ “Blue Ribbons” This Summer!
Posted on 09/09/2016
Northvail Students Earn 5,707 Study Island™ “Blue Ribbons” This Summer!Study Island™ is a web-based interactive program designed as an instruction, practice and assessment system. The Northvail Elementary School students accepted Principal Jeff Martens’ summer challenge to work on Study Island™ skill lessons. Their goal was to collectively earn 4,500 Study Island™ blue ribbons and they did it! This is an increase from last year when the students earned 4,000 ribbons during the summer.

What is a blue ribbon? If a student earns a blue ribbon it means that they have obtained a score considered proficient in a particular skill topic.

A special thanks goes to Principal Jeff Martens, for periodically reaching out and encouraging the students and parents during the summer. Of course, a sincere thanks to our parents who understand how important it is to have their child engage in academic activities during the summer. Well done, students!

Pictured here are the students who earned the greatest number of blue ribbons on Study Island™ this summer. (left to right: Aabha Paranipe, Akhil Dachepally, Anikait Sota, Sanjana Medapati, Aadi Seth)
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