Programs and Activities

Programs and Activities

Each day at Wide World of Summer is scheduled with different daily activities. Each group has an opportunity to experience the many activities that are offered.

Morning Salute and Announcements

Each morning we ask our campers to arrive no later then 8:30. We begin each morning with a flag salute followed by important camp announcements. Our first activity of the day will start at 8:45 sharp.

Morning Activities

After morning salute and announcements, campers have a jam-packed morning filled with sports and leisure, arts and crafts, music, discussions based on character education, and group time. Many of the morning activities are held outside on our large fields and beautiful courtyard.

Afternoon Activities

Fun classes during the afternoon hours are a part of Wide World of Summer tradition. A qualified specialist instructs each class. Campers will attend each class on a rotating basis. Classes are pre-scheduled for each group. Campers will rotate classes after each two-week session to avoid repeating the same class twice. Afternoon classes include but are not limited to photography, computers, individual and team sports, fitness, artistic creations, science and nature, cooking, art, and drama/talent. Our goal is to expose our campers to as many new activities as possible. Our mission is to spark a new interest, hobby or talent in which all campers can be successful.


Campers will be bussed over to Lake Hiawatha Swim Club for an entire morning of swim. Wide World of Summer goes swimming twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday. Although busses leave at 9:15 sharp, morning salute and announcements will still be held at 8:30.


Singing is an integral part of camp life. Fun campfire style songs and other popular songs can be heard around camp.

Drama / Talent

Those who have an interest in performing on stage are encouraged to take part in our annual talent show. Whether it’s magic, singing, dancing, karate or even expressive reading, center stage just may be the place for you. Campers also have the opportunity to role play for one another by performing instructor selected scenes from various plays and musicals.

Arts & Crafts

Projects in arts and crafts are varied and unique. Some projects are tailored to our special days, such as making signs and decorations for our annual carnival. All campers love to use lanyard to make bracelets, anklets, and key chains.


All ages of campers participate in the computer program, which familiarize campers with the basics of the computer. Games, word processing, and paint programs are used. Even the youngest campers learn to type their names & use pre-school software.

Sports and Fitness

Sports and fitness programs are designed to meet the needs of all age groups. Soccer, base games, basketball, volleyball, and field activities are all a part of this area. Trained instructors teach sports skills with emphasis on learning and development of skills and by stressing the fun of the game.


Campers become classic chefs during our cooking program. Age-appropriate recipes allow campers to create their own treats and snacks in a supervised environment. Allergies and preferences are also considered when choosing what will be prepared for this activity.

Clubs & Clinics

“Clubs & Clinics” is a forty-five minute period set aside each regular camp day to provide campers an opportunity to spend extra time in a favorite specialty or new area of interest. “Clubs & Clinics” allows a camper to pursue a new hobby in a fun-filled atmosphere. The “Clubs & Clinics” program runs over a two-week session. Campers will have the option to try a new Club and Clinic at the conclusion of each two-week session. 

Camp Trips

Each Wednesday when Camp is in session, the Wide World of Summer travels to different places of interest. Past field trips include but are not limited to the New York Aquarium, minor league baseball games, soccer with the Red Bulls on Giants Stadium, Bronx Zoo, bowling, miniature golf, theatre productions and museums. Our Camp trips are scheduled in advance and follow a strict time schedule. Please be at camp no later then 8:30. Campers need to be checked in and busses usually need to be boarded at 9:15 sharp.

Special Days

Throughout the season, Wide World of Summer plays host to special events that enrich our campers both socially and academically. Some events will vary and are not scheduled in advance, however, our campers can always look forward to the Wide World of Summer Olympics, Carnival, cultural arts programs and the talent show.