Staff Recognition/DF

The Board has established an annual recognition for those members of our staff who will have been employed in the district for twenty-five+ years by June 30, 2019, or upon retirement.

Listed below are the names of the staff members who will be recognized at an upcoming Board of Education meeting.

Marie Asaro
David Bongiovanni
John Colucci
Debra Duncan
Kelly Garbarino
Thomas Gihorski
Karen Massa
Robin Polo
Maryann Suppa
Thomas Walek

Teacher of the Year Recognition - 2018

Read about our teachers of the year

School Name
Eastlake School Lucia Innocent
Intervale and Northvail School Kristin Webb
Knollwood School Jacquelyn Halbach
Lake Hiawatha School Christal DiVincent
Lake Parsippany School Jessica Hall
Littleton School Kathleen Waite
Mount Tabor School Kathleen Washington
Rockaway Meadow School Shaleene Pandorf
Troy Hills School Andrea Axt
Brooklawn Middle School Kellie Andersen
Central Middle School Jennifer Czepiel
Parsippany High School Christina Zarcone
Parsippany Hills High School Jessica Brosnan

Distinguished Faculty Award – 2017-2018

In recognition of excellence in teaching, the Parsippany-Troy Hills Board of Education has been sponsoring since 1979 an annual Distinguished Faculty Award. Candidates are selected based on three criteria:

  • recognized excellence in teaching,
  • development of outstanding programs or projects, and
  • commendations from the community and/or grants in recognition of creative and relevant educational programs.

A committee consisting of previous recipients of the award as well as representatives from each of our district’s schools review nominations and recommends a teacher for the award.

There will be one elementary level recipient and one secondary level recipient. The recipient will receive two plaques – one for the individual teacher and one to be displayed at the teacher’s school – as well as a $500 grant to be used by the school in the name of the distinguished teacher.

We are proud to congratulate this year's honorees:

Distinguished Faculty Award – Secondary 2017-2018 

Alison Franz – Brooklawn Middle School 

Alison Franz
This educator continues to foster a community of learning among students, district staff and parents in various landscapes including her classroom, district professional development, student-parent evenings, and through student activities – all by building relationships verbally and digitally.  This year’s winner of the Distinguished Faculty Award at the Secondary level is Alison Franz from Brooklawn Middle School.

What makes Alison an outstanding educator is that she assists students in problem-based learning experiences and service projects that extend well beyond her classroom.  This year alone she has helped with service projects such as Sales for Shoes, BMS Book Drive and a design project for a portable desk.  Several of Mrs. Franz’s students have attended Brooklawn’s School, Culture and Climate meetings to present suggestions on how to further foster school spirit, in this way showing how she inspires young leaders!

When not helping students, Mrs. Franz can be found assisting fellow staff members in the area of technology. Alison participated in turn-keying a myriad of classes at the Google Summit where she taught several courses.  In addition, she prepared and hosted curriculum day sessions for colleagues where she taught fellow staff members in the area of critical 21st century technology skills in various digital mediums for collaboration and created teacher–student products to problem solve in our ever changing world.

Knowing the benefits of active participation by families in educating their children, Mrs. Franz, working with her colleagues, has provided multiple avenues for parent community contributions such as a Technology Open House for students to showcase social networking, Hour of Code for parents and children to engage in the learning experience of coding, and the Science Design Challenge underscoring STEAM initiatives.  Under Alison’s leadership student, parent, and school partnerships resonate as fun, exciting learning experiences.

As Mark Twain said, “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.”  Alison knows the benefits to the well-rounded student of the skills students can learn by participating in student activities.  Skills such as relationship building and time management reinforce their relationships with their classmates and school community, a relationship which has proven to increase academic achievement.  Mrs. Franz knows the value of commitment and support and of the importance of educating the whole child.  Mrs. Franz is an exceptional educator.  She is involved in all areas of learning, includes all stakeholders, and simply – quietly leads other individuals who, in turn, empower others to lead. 

Distinguished Faculty Award – Elementary 2017-2018 

Janet Armstrong – GRO Teacher 

Janet Armstrong
As a first grade teacher, this faculty member offered her students a strong academic foundation. In her new role she continues to provide enriching and engaging learning experiences in grades one through five that help our children flourish!  She presents a pleasant, friendly, and soft-spoken, yet enthusiastic, manner that allows her to foster positive relationships with students, staff members and parents.  This year’s winner of the Distinguished Faculty Award at the elementary level is Janet Armstrong.

When not helping to write curricula for the 4th and 5th grade GRO programs and creating a Whole School STEAM Enrichment Program, Janet can be found busily working on a myriad of Committee projects, using her strong organizational and leadership skills.  To name a few Strategic Planning, Technology Committee, and Lead Coordinator for the Fifth Grade Expressive Reading Competition.  She also serves as the District Operations Committee Coordinator for Montclair State University Network for Education Renewal.

The Montclair State University ‘Teacher Incentive Grant’ enabled her to fund her STEAM Enrichment Program.  Janet worked closely with the Parsippany public library for this endeavor and often had invited them into her classroom to share their expertise and technology tools with her students.

If school work isn’t enough, Janet who is a life-long learner, completed her Education Specialist degree.  She continues to attend lectures about matters that affect our students.  Janet thirsts for knowledge and has traveled to every continent, with the exception of Antarctica, to add excitement to and garner the interest of her students in the lessons that she develops. 

Janet is an extremely talented educator and, as she has announced her retirement, while exciting news for her, it will be a loss for our school district.