Device Protection Plan

Families have the option to purchase a Protection Plan for the students’ Chromebook to cover the cost if the device is accidentally broken or damaged. The cost of the Protection Plan is $25.00/year per student device and is nonrefundable. This Protection Plan covers the replacement of the power adapter and any loaner devices issued to the student if the device is out for repair and unavailable. While there is no cost for the use of the device, it is imperative that the device is maintained and handled in a responsible way.

The table below shows the most common damages and the associated repair costs (if you did not purchase the protection plan). Please note that all repairs and/or parts must be purchased or completed through the District’s Technology Department. You will be responsible for the cost of the device if you choose to use outside parts and/or repairs as you will have voided our agreement with our vendor.

Common Damages

Cost of Repair

Complete Device Replacement


Broken/Cracked LCD screen




Keyboard Assembly


Damaged or missing power adapter and cable


The Protection Plan does NOT cover misuse, neglect or intentional damage. Students will be responsible for the entire cost of repairs or replacement to devices damaged through student misuse, neglect, intentional damage or loss. In case of theft, an official police report will be required.

The Protection Plan covers TWO separate incidents per school year; additional damages are not covered.

If you do NOT purchase the Protection Plan, you are responsible to pay for the cost of any repair(s) for physical damage to the student’s device, any loaner devices issued to the student, and the power adapter. If the device is unable to be repaired, this may also include the full replacement cost of the device.