December 2019

Thank you for visiting this page!  I always have a book in progress - currently it is Student Voice:  The Instrument of Change by Russell Quaglia and Michael Corso.  I'm using it to help me plan better for my monthly meetings with our Student-Superintendent Advisory Panel.  Here's what I've recently finished:

Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly:  Heartwarming story about two hearing impaired children who find each other through unique circumstances.  I especially love books where parents/grandparents are portrayed as loving and responsible people - and this book does that beautifully.  Great for grades 4 and up.

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell:  Interesting fiction tale of four children whose plane crashlands in the jungle and how they survive with the help of an "explorer" who leaves them medicine and food at just the right times.  Appropriate for upper elementary and middle school.

Fat Girl Finishing School by Rachel Wiley:  I spotted this collection of poetry when I had the amazing opportunity to chaperone some of our creative high school students on a trip to the Dodge Poetry Festival.  Rachel's poems about positive body image, strong women, and an exceptionally witty one about a spider bite will leave you cheering and nodding with affirmation.

Each time I conclude a book, I wonder about its next life.  Some books are keepers and I save them on my shelves to revisit, borrow quotes from, or share with family.  Other books are sent off to our school librarians and classroom teachers to put in the hands of students. 


                                                   What are you currently reading?