District Therapeutic Programs


Tier One
Each school's Counseling Department provides universal services through SEL programs and counselor services.

Tier Two

Intervention services may be provided by a district Mental Health Specialist (middle school), school guidance counselor, or Student Assistance Counselors to identified students through RTI.  This may involve group/individual counseling.

Tier Three 
Student participation in this supportive tier is guided by an IEP, 504, or I&RS plan.  The plan reflects goals in counseling which are provided by school psychologists in a Learning Strategies setting at the high school only.  This is considered a general education setting.

Tier Four
This highly supportive tier includes a self-contained Behavioral Disabilities program which is IEP Driven.

Movement through each of the tiers occurs through I&RS, 504 , and/or Child Study Team meetings.  School professionals maintain a documentation of interventions, student response to interventions, and team meetings notes.