Northvail’s 5th Grade Presents Oliver Twist!

Northvail’s 5th Grade Presents Oliver Twist!
Posted on 04/13/2016
Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is a musical based on the novel written by Charles Dickens in 1837 and was recently performed by Northvail’s fifth grade students. The story is about the young orphan Oliver Twist, who suffers many childhood misfortunes. The central theme is that of good versus evil, with evil continually trying to defeat good, but good winning out in the end.   

Auditions started right after the winter break and the outstanding production was the culmination of two months of dedication and hard work. The chorus performed ten musical numbers including, Where is Love? - It’s A Grand Life- Just Leave Everything to Me and others. The cast of diverse characters consisted of many shining stars and the stage crew made the production run smoothly.

Thank you Mrs. DeGeorge, Mrs. Serrao, and Mr. Martens for this wonderful production! Our children are lucky to have such a dedicated group that inspires students and helps each fulfill their dream of performing on stage. We know that the production was a huge commitment and extra time away from their families.